Information Society

Just a few notes and questions…

The answer is in the room!

If we blanked the internet for 24hours we’d miss a whole lot, if we blanked out 60secounds we’d miss 600 new videos, 700,000 facebook status, 50 word press downloads, 1 new artical is published in the world. If we take away the internet we would miss so much! It is amazing how much we are missing from just 60seconds.

Why should the public funds pay for research?

Social media use,: social media is taking over, so many people are using it in this digital age, does this effect children in schools? Should we allow children to use socail nedia in school? Will it enhance their learning?

Facebook>750 Million>260million
YouTube>2Billion/day 24hours/minutes
Wikipedia>14Million articals

What makes up the information society?

User generated content.

Version 2.0 on the web means communicating and sharing on the web. Its a second phase of learning through the web?? Web 2.0 is linking people

Bringing things together using tags will help allow you to find out more information.

The machine is us. connecting everything to the internet! Will the web control us one day?

Check your facts!

“60% of all internet pages misleading information” -Thomas Edison

Read between the lines, make sure you check all your facts!

Wikipedia is crowdsourcing evaluation, meaning wikipedia is more accurate. Wikipedia is changing the way pages are presented to you.

When we blog, we start to write down what we’re thinking. As we write it down we start to understand what we are writing about. You start with a thought, and you keep writing and writing and by the end we have a whole other thought. Do not ever dismiss anything, there are so many things that can trigger ideas and thoughts and we need to express ourselves.

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