What is cybercrime? This is a question we are looking at in a seminar today. We have looked at the meaning of cyber and thought about how this actually fits into the word cybercrime. Our computers can be used as a weapon but what does this mean? They can be used as an accessory, like a filing cabinet to store stolen goods.
Next we focused on ‘scams’, people that send out scam emails with the criminal intent of deceit and extortion. This is called phishing. The other thing that are emailed out to people is spam – normally undesired bulk email messages either trying to sell a product. Spam takes up space on ur server and can sometimes overload the server and stop your computer responding properly.
What are zombie computers? Your machine is sending out spam but you do not know its doing it. Threats: Illicet activities – Hackers enjoy overcoming software limitations. Hackers are cleaver people and know how to get round the systems, so they are a lot of the time employed to work for big companies to track and legally enter secure computer/network environments. However there were hackers before we had the internet. These are/were called ‘Phreakers’ and the main focus is on telephone systems and communication systems. If you have the right software you should be protected from these things.
Real-time spam, where you can see real-time outbreak and see how many servers are being attacked. ‘Stop you are paying to much…’ is just one of the things that is being sent out. It shows that stuff is going on all the time throughout the world.
Opening up an email cannot give you a virus, but opening an attachment can, so we have to be careful what we open from emails. If the hackers can get once piece of personal information from you they can find out so much more.
What do you think are the characteristics of Hackers? It is said that hackers are predominantly male and aged from mid-teens to mid-twenties and lacking in social skills. They understand computers and are normally underachieving in other areas so this allows them to feel in power.
What types of malware is there? Viruses, they effect and replicate themselves, they attack your files, destroy them and sometimes kill your computer.
Worms, all worms do is replicate themselves, if your computer is slow you may have worms. It takes up sace on your memory.
Trojan Horses, they can sit on your computer for weeks, months years before they actually do anything.
Software Bombs, if you a system manager in a large bank and you want to protect yourselve you can put in a software bomb so if something happens then the bomb is triggered. Logic bombs are triggered by a specific event.
What do you think motivates Malware writers to create and unleash these attacks? Money? Boredom? To see how far the virus can spread, its a challenge, or maybe just to conduct an experimant. To feel like they are in power. Or maybe just to provide a lesson in Internet Security.
Defacing Websites- you modify other peoples websites, you leave graffiti on other peoples websites. Its a diversion technique.
“Treat you password like you treat your toothbrush. Never give it to anyone else to use, and change it every few months.”

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