ICT in Other Subjects

Is ICT being used to its full potential in all subjects across the curriculum? Do we know the best methods to use technology in the classroom? If so are we using them? Should ICT be used in other subjects or just kept in the ICT suit?

Exploring the use of ICT in the primary school it could be said that most schools do not use all technology available to them.

The interactive whiteboard is now in most primary schools in the south west of England, and is used in most lessons. You could say this is using ICT in other subject, but is it really? Are we just replacing the whiteboard with a computer and calling this ICT. You could say this is ICT yes, but how much is it helping the children in their learning. Is the interactive whiteboard not just an exchange for the old whiteboard or chalk board?

These pieces of equipment have so much potential to be used over the whole curriculum, allowing children to interact in small groups or as a whole class.

Would giving children the opportunity to teach themselves in small groups a good idea? Are they really being used to this potential or are they just used to replace the whiteboard?


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