Modern Technology in Schools

Nearly every child owns a mobile phone, has a facebook account and knows how to communicate using digital devices. But as soon as you go into a classroom all these things are put away and are not allowed to be used until the children leave school. Thinking generally about the amount of things you can achieve with a mobile phone in today’s society would it not be better to teach children how to use them properly in a safe environment.

As soon as children enter the school premises we take away so much technology which most children carry around in their pockets. You may be thinking now about cyber bullying and if we let children run around the classroom with phones this would just cause more problems. But do you not think that if you did this in a controlled environment you could start to get children the real positives with mobile phones, and teach them how they should be used in society.

Are mobile phones only a problem because we do not teach our children how to use them in the best way?

You will never be able to completely prevent cyber bulling or any other issues with mobile phones in classrooms, but if in small groups you taught the children about other things they could use the phones for would this not help even slightly prevent it?

I am not saying we should just allow the children to be allowed their phones on in class and just use them whenever they please, I am just express the view that if we gave children the opportunity in the classroom to use their phones would they not learn so much more in the way of ICT?

When thinking about the use of mobile phones in the classroom you have to weigh up the pros and the cons, and see what outweighs the other.

In the table below I have just thought of some pros and some cons, please feel free to leave a comment of any others you can think of this would be extremely helpful.

The next issue I want to address is facebook. Most children weather they are 13 or not have a facebook account. Facebook is use so much in today’s society and it is a major way to communicate for young people. As teachers and student teachers should we think of ways to incorporate it into the classroom environment of keep well away from it?

I would be interested to find out what people think and hope you could leave a comment on these issues.



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